CMC Swift, model D, c 1894-1895

I really like bicycles made by the Coventry Machinists Co. All their safeties were marketed as 'Swift', but in fact they were made by the same company as the ordinaries.
Without exception CMC's are bicycles with good engineering, excellent durability and a very good finish. 

Look at this exceptional model D. Completely original and in its first paint. What a delight.
In 1893 the model D in the general CMC/Swift catalogue still was a cross frame, but that years catalogue of the firm Slade & Co in Liverpool shows this modern diamond frame. I suppose the model was introduced during the year. It's also in the '94 Swift-catalogue. I do not have the '95 catalogue, but in '96 the top tube is almost horizontal. So, this is a 1893-1895 model. 
Wonderful to see it at the IVCA in Karlsruhe, summer 2017. 

Click picture to enter more pics of this bicycle and to see a page of the Swift 1894 catalogue.